Aquarium Societies:


The American Cichlid Association <--- The American Cichlid Association is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to the knowledge and enjoyment of cichlid fishes.

The aquarium club of Lancaster >--- Welcome to the NEW internet home of the Aquarium club of Lancaster County .

Long Island aquarium Society <-- The Long Island Aquarium Society, Inc. (LIAS) is the oldest organization devoted to Tropical Fish in the Long Island area. It is a non profit organization dedicated to the study of aquatic life.

North Jersey aquarium society <-- NJAS is well organized fish group located in NJ.

The Pittsburgh Aquarium Society  <-- Society of marine aquarium keepers in Pittsburgh.

Delaware County Aquarium Society <---- We are a group of fish keeping enthusiasts dedicated to the advancement and support of the aquarium hobby. We have been serving the greater Philadelphia hobbyist community for over 55 years.

General Information:


About Fish Online <--- Saltwater and freshwater fish, aquarium maintenance, fish health and disease treatment, and a forum.

Advanced Aquarist's Online Magazine <--- Well organized online magazine for the saltwater hobbyist.

A.E. Technology <--- Some of the nicest skimmers on the market for patented "downdraft" power skimmers. These babies really cook.

Albert Theil's Page <--- Good fish reference for fresh and marine. Great links section.

Aquarium Care Basics <---- A freshwater aquarium care guide focusing on aquarium setup, tank maintenance and fish keeping, with helpful tips for the aquatic community.

Aquarium Obsession <--- Your saltwater aquarium database. Browse the categories below and find articles, photo, video, links and much more.

Aquabid <--- This is an online auction for aquarium supplies.

Aquarium Source <---- Aquarium Source is a resource where aquarists can learn and find reviews on the best products for their tanks. This community is passionate and dedicated to creating a thriving marine ecosystem, and we want to help any way we can.

AquariumStuffs <---- Tutorials and guides for fish keeping and all things aquariums.

Aqua-Calc <-- Aquatic calculators to provide all your measurement needs.

AquaForums <--- Formally KingVinnie's Aquaria Pages- A full source of information on aquaria, aquariums, fish and equipment. Forums, Fish/Plant/Coral Data, Tons of DIY Plans, Aquaria Links, FAQ's, & much much more!

Aquarank <-- Web site which ranks the top 250 aquarium web sites.

Aquarzon <-- Selling a wide variety of live plants for aquariums,

Aquatext <-- online aquaculture dictionary designed to cut through some of the jargon that is used and explain terms in an easy to understand format. 

Aquariums life<--- Reef Aquarium Live Stock Information Database; coral, fish, urchins, anemones and more.

Aquaria NOW <--- 700+ fish species profiles, forums, articles and more.

Aquarium 411<--- Find the best aquarium fish information, products for sale and reviews, and much more!

A-Z Pet Guide <----- The ultimate pet information and guide. Special section on BETA fish.

Canister Filter Comparison Chart <-- Here is a nice chart you can use to compare canister filters.

Creekside Gardens <---- We at Creekside would like to invite you to shop from our variety of garden necessities.

Coral Realm <-- Information on corals. <--- A web site with members of a fish community, which has a fish chat and information for hobbyists.

Fish Information Service (FINS) Index   <--- The best information on individual fish species.

Fish Index <-- I liked the aquarium message board idea..

Fish Links Central <-- Great collection of aquarium related links.

FishBase <-- A search engine for fish information.

Fish-medOnline<-- Everything you should know about aquarium fish diseases

Fish Vet <-- Fish disease diagnostic and treatment.

How To clean your aquarium <--- My name is Greg Wiszniewski and I am an educational outreach writer, mentor and education enthusiast. Currently, I've been working on a DIY series. This week I have been working on a article about cleaning and maintaining fishtanks inspired by my youngest niece, who just got an aquarium of her very own!

Marine Aquarium Advice <-- Saltwater aquariums, and reef aquarium forums featuring beautiful pictures of fish and invertebrates. We have information available for beginners to advanced reef keepers

MyFishForums <--- A free message board system for the aquarium lovers.

PA Business Listing <--- Luzerne county's free business database.

Petfrd <-- Singapore cichlid community.

Pet Product News <-- Professional magazine with new products and trends in the Pet industry.

Poly-Bio-Marine <--- Sells Polyfilters. Probably one of the most important chemical filter medias.

Reef Aquarium Information <---  Hello and welcome to, your source for detailed and organized information regarding reef, coral and marine aquariums.

Reef keeping <-- An online magazine for reef keeping.

Reef Central <-- Wonderful forum on reef keeping.

Reefs.Org <-- Online community of reef aquarium hobbyist.

RowaUSA <-- Company producing chemical filtration for the aquarium hobby.

Salifert <-- Company with nice tests kits for fresh and salt water applications. I use these and they are accurate and easy to read.

SaltCity <-- We are an online community where quality information about the marine and reef aquarium hobby can be exchanged among all levels of hobbyist from beginner to advanced.

<-- The coolest saltwater screen saver I have ever seen. It is like having an aquarium on your computer. (PREMIUM SPONSOR)

Seachem <-- Seachem Laboratories is a manufacturer of innovative aquarium products for a variety of aquatic environments including freshwater, saltwater, reefs, and ponds.

T.F.H <-- Tropical Fish Hobbyist is a great reference for freshwater and saltwater aquarium keeping.

The Aquarium Club --- General tips on Freshwater and Saltwater aquariums.

The Aquarium Guide <-- Sharing aquascaping tips, planted tank guides, equipment reviews, and showcase of various examples of great aquariums across the web.

The Aquaria (FAQ) <--    This is a must read FAQ site concerning posting to rec. aquaria newsgroups.

The Sea (Blane Perun's) <--- Nice reference for reef hobbyists.

The Witty FIsh <--  this website in part to educate myself as well as anyone else who would like to dive into this hobby and turn it into a passion.

YOYSearch <-- A convenient interface to ten types of search.

VivoFish <--- One stop shop for new fishkeepers wanting to learn more about fish care and aquarium setup.

123 Greetings <-- A delightful aquatic world awaits you, where your favorite pets are splashing 'n' frolicking away ! Wish your friends/ loved ones with these colorful 'n' fun-filled messages.


Online Retailers:


Advanced Water Filters <--- We offer a complete line of premium and value reverse osmosis units for the home or office.  We also carry all the necessary replacement filters for both the reverse osmosis systems.

Aquarium Store Depot <----- We are a family business started up by hobbyists.  We seek to establish long term customers by education, only selling high quality products, and making your aquariums successful.  We want you start off right and enjoy a lifetime of success.

Az's Pond Supplies <-- Nice online store that sells pond supplies. They carry aquanetics UV supplies.

All Glass <-- Worlds number one aquariums in my opinion.

Aquacon <- Selling corals, fish, dry goods, inverts., and register to win $200 of livestock.

Aquarium water filters <-- Looking for a r/o unit or accessories? Try here !!

Aquarium Network <-- Aquarium maintenance business located on Long Island NY.

Aquaserve <-- Aquarium Business Guides, Disease Diagnostic Charts, and other resources from our FishBiz Professional Outlet.

Aquatic Ponds <--- We offer Water Garden Supplies below Wholesale.

Aquatic Technologies <--- Nice selection of stuff to buy.

Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc. <--- Online Retailer.

Area Inc. <-- Agricultural Research/Environmental Associates Inc. is proud to be the leader in providing quality Aeration, Water Pumping, Water Filtration and Heating/Chilling systems design and sales.

Best pet lighting <-- Aquarium supplies with incredible prices and top quality items. Almost free shipping and top notch service. Please come visit us.

BIG Al's <-- Aquatic supplies specialist. This is a huge online supplier.

Chem-Marin<--- Makers of a alternative cure for external parasites that does not contain copper.

Champion lighting Inc. <-- Selling a wide variety of equipment ( lights, pumps, filters Etc.) I buy tons of stuff from these guys.. tell them aquatic-care recommended them.

Coast to Coast aquariums<-- Manufacture of custom glass aquariums.

Cole Enterprises <--- Nice selection of custom 6 foot tall aquarium kits.

Complete Aquatics <-- Complete Aquatics offers a fantastic selection of Marine, Tropical, Cold Water & Pond Fish. We also have many accessories & equipment from all major brands such as Tetra, Rena, Interpet and more.

Continum Aquatics <--- Marine Aquarium Chemicals, acrylic safe scrapers

 Creative Plastic Research <-- They make skimmers and filters.

Custom Aquatics <--- Retail/Wholesale site since 1997.

DIY Water Gardening <--- Aquarium / fountain pumps and pond supplies with information for do it yourselfer's. <-- Unbeatable water softener prices. We also supply water filters, limescale removers, reverse osmosis systems and replacement water filters.

<-- Innovative aquarium automation assistant that will help you with the most challenging repetitive aquarium tasks automatically. (PREMIUM SPONSOR)

Eheim <-- Makes a nice canister filter.

Emperor Aquatics <-- Makes a variety of UV sterilizers and supplies.

All Pond Solutions <--- Established in 2006 All Pond Solutions Ltd is an online retail store that strives to be the only place on the internet that you need for all of your Aquarium and Pond equipment.

Flying Fish Express <--- Very well organized way to shop online.

Fintastic <-- Fintastic opened in 1992 as the Carolinas' first full-service aquarium retailer, specializing in quality freshwater and marine fish.Our new high-tech store showcases over 10,000 square ft. of aquariums, fish, plants and corals.

Fish Tank Warehouse <-- Aquarium retailer specializing in custom made tanks.

Fish Tanks Direct <-- Online fish tank superstore, specializing exclusively in fish tanks, aquarium equipment and supplies.

Friends of water <-- We provide householders with products, information and inspiration to celebrate, save and filter water

Freshwater Aquarium Plants <--- Aquarium plants and aquascape packages, useful information and how to's!

Get Tanked Aquariums <--- Sells a wide variety of corals and has a great sale on Weekends..!!

Global Aquaria <---- Standard & Custom Aquarium Exhibits, Thousands of Marine Aquarium Supplies, Low Internet Prices, Worldwide Project Management for Larger Exhibits

Green Leaf Aquatics <--- Exporter of Live Tropical Fishes based in Sri Lanka. Since year 2007

Gwynnbrook Farm's Web Site <-- Great discus breeder.

Healing waters <-- Ionized water has an electrical charge on it that makes it hundreds of times more antioxidant than vitamin C.

How to train your peppermint shrimp <-- this is a hobbyist guide to raising aquarium saltwater shrimp from egg to adult.

House of Fins <-- Designer of custom tanks and installations.

Indah Sari Windu <---We provide a range of Veterinary products, Animal feed additives and Aeration equipment.

Island Reef <--- aquarium service, for Long Island, nassau and suffolk county.

Jeda Aquarium <-- Overseas exporter for freshwater. Discus specialty !!!

JEHMCO <-- The aquarium fish house online. Good wholesale prices on food.

Kent Marine <-- I personally use many of their chemicals. This is a well organized site.

Kiss Your Fish <---Since 1986 I've owned and operated a company that specializes in the design, construction, and maintenance of aquariums and ponds.

LifeReef <--- Great wet/dry filter, skimmers and many other aquarium supplies. Nice 5 year filter guarantee.

Live Aquaria <-- Online supplier of fish and corals. They have some nice prices.

Living Color <-- Creates custom molded plastic reef coral designs that clip together.

Mad Captain's Aquarium <-- Find how to keep your tank free of No3 and Po4. Find also tons of DIY project idea, articles, calculators, video and much more.

Marine Aquarium Advice  <---Terry Bartelme and saltwater aquarium information on Marine Aquarium Advice.

MDM Incorporated <--- Sells aquarium pumps.

My Reef Creations <--- My Reef Creations™ is proud to bring you quality Protein Skimmers, Waste Collection, Calcium Reactors, and DIY Parts at affordable prices.

National Fish Pharmaceuticals <-- Providing bulk pharmaceuticals and chemicals to pet shops, importers, breeders, zoos, hobbyists and other freshwater and marine tropical fish and Koi wholesalers since 1971.

Noclean Aquariums <-- I had to add this. These are cool for a orffice desk.

Northern Aquaselect <-- Online bulk fish food dealer.

OC REEF <--- Online pet fish store offering aquarium supplies, including: saltwater, freshwater and pond supply.

Ocean Manufacturing <-- Oceana is the only South African manufacturer of synthetic coral displays, freshwater aquarium displays and dry fiberglass zoological displays.

Oceanic Systems <-- Makers of fine custom and standard aquariums.

Paws Up Pet Supply <--- Paws Up Pet Supply offers deep discounted prices on fish supply, aquarium supply and fish food products.

Pets Boutique <-- Shop online for pet supplies, pet care products for house hold pets as well as small garden animals at low internet prices and fast home delivery service -

Pentair Aquatics <--- Makers of many products like the Rainbow Lifeguard Line.

Plastic Pipe Shop <---  We are a company who supply a lot of pipe and fittings into both for private use in ponds and aquariums and also to many of the larger the public aquariums.

Pondliner .com <---- not only offers low pricing on pond and fish supplies, we also have calculators that help users determine specifics for pond materials, a water garden gallery, and blog.

PondPro2000 <---EPDM Liners, Pond leaks, Pond Repair. Pondpro2000 is a 100% liquid EPDM and 100% compatible to your EPDM pond liner sold in pond supply stores.

Premium Aquatics <--- They guarantee LIVE arrival of creatures..!!

Purified Water Filters <---  We at are concerned about the health of our customers. Our water filters are designed to produce the cleanest, purified, refreshing drinking water at the tip of your fingers. We offer a variety of the best purified water filters at a reasonable cost.  

Python <-- Welcome to Python Products, Inc. If you're tired of the old aquarium maintenance routine...then it's about time you tried the PYTHON way. With our time-saving, helpful products you will be able to cut your maintenance time IN HALF!

RedmondReef <-- Online sales of trickle filters, Refugiums, and supplies. Knowledgeable about reef systems and supplies.

Reef Care <--Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance and coral aquaculture frags for sale.

Reef Cleaners <---- Reef Cleaners specializes in algae eating marine snails, and cleaning species.

Reef Rock Central <--- Your central source for high quality reef rock. Why pay more for a low quality base rock, when you can get a higher quality base rock at a more affordable price. Build that beautiful seascape with quality!!

Rehoboth Aquatics<--- Welcome to Rehoboth Aquatics, your best source for quality and hard-to-find freshwater  plants,  Killifish, Dwarf Cichlids, Synodontis Catfish and Jurassic African fish from West and Central Africa. <-- Online supplier of saltwater fish and supplies.

Season Pet supplies <--- We Offer Great Supplies for your Treasured Pet.

Seaquatic Aquariums <--- High End CUSTOM AQUARIUMS for sale. Our aquatic expertise is unparalleled. From our acrylic bonding methods to our hand crafted coral reef inserts

Shark Aquarium <-- online fish retail.

Shenitech <--- Shenitech provides you portable water flow meters, digital flow meters, ultrasonic flow meters, thermal heat meters and flow measurement products at most affordable price.

Shore Aquarium Service <--- specializes in maintaining aquatic exhibits for both commercial and residential applications in New York City, Philadelphia and Atlantic city. This is a pretty cool looking site.

Suburban Reef <--- Saltwater and Freshwater Aquarium Supplies

Super Pet Auction<-- Aquarium and pet auction.

Tangled up in Cichlids <-- Online retailer who specializes in Cichlids.

Tenecor <-- Web site for custom aquariums.

The Cichlid Scene <-- The site for information on new world cichlids and large aquaria.

The Pond Shop <--- With decades of experience in the pond and lake management industry, The Pond Shop® was developed with the DIY person in mind. Offering only top quality pond supplies and pond equipment, we have the solutions to your water management goals.

The Smart Aquarist <--- Aquarium Product Reviews.

The Pet Zone <--- We are a full line pet store located in Pittston, Pennsylvania
We specialize in Reptiles and Saltwater fish.

Tropical fish store <--- This online retail outfit has a nice selection of custom aquariums.

True Pump <--- True Pump & Equipment is located in Denver, Colorado and was founded as a pump and water well supply distributor in 1972.  In 1993 the business expanded to include waterfall and water gardening products for both the retail and wholesale markets

Something Fishy <--- Availability list with prices of creatures for sale.

WaterFilters.NET <---  Water filters, replacement water filter cartridges, and home water filter systems from Culligan, Ametek, and USFilter brands. Water Filters .NET has 1,000’s of water filters, replacement water filter cartridges, and water filtration systems in stock for all your water treatment needs. We carry top brands including Culligan Water Filters, Pentek Water Filters, GE Water Filters, Waterpik Water Filters, Maytag Water Filters, and more. We stock whole house water filters, reverse osmosis systems, faucet water filters, o-rings, under sink water filters, and more.  

Wetter Water <--Leading supplier of Made in USA reverse osmosis systems and replacement water filters.