TENERA is 100% natural sun dried sea algae. Nothing added Nothing removed.... TENERA has not been washed for human consumption like Nori. Washing algae removes some important vitamins and minerals. This food does not deteriorate in your tank or cloud your water like romaine lettuce. TENERA has an unlimited shelf life and needs no refrigeration. I feed all my service customers TENERA. Here are some of the benefits:


1)    Completely replaces romaine lettuce as a food source.

2)     Stimulates growth and nourishes skin tissue.

3)     Provides minerals, amino acids, and polysaccharides.

4)     All elements contained in the food are digestible.

5)     Allows the fish to graze naturally.

6)     Does NOT deteriorate in your tank.

7)     Can be used as a weekend feeder.

8)     Great starter for hard to feed species.

9)      100% natural, nothing added or removed.

10)    TENERA has almost completely cured HOLE IN THE HEAD.



        Even Invertebrates love TENERA !!