Aquatic-Care's primary mission is the service of my customers aquarium's. These services are, but not limited to, the list below. I have been called to do a variety of aquarium related repairs and services over the years. This dedication to aquatic animals is what Aquatic-Care is all about. I am fully insured and my references are available upon request.

My services include, but aren't limited to:

Consultations -- The planning stages of an aquarium installation.

Installation -- See my Installation section.

Replacing light bulbs -- Changing of HO, VHO, metal halide or florescent bulbs. I am not an electrician and wiring should be left to the professionals.

Fish sales -- I sell fish to my service customers only, Sorry folks..! I guarantee my fish for 7 days after delivery (Subject to terms... call for details).

Supplies - I sell  food, Water return devices, algae magnets and anything else necessary to keep your aquarium healthy. If you need a particular item drop me a note and I can quote prices.

Tank repairs -- Replacing tank silicone, acrylic scratch removal, or plastic trim replacement. Tank sizes that are 75 gallons or less are sometimes cost prohibited to repair. It is just cheaper to buy a new tank.

Water drop off -- I sell triple pre-filtered laboratory grade Kold Ster-il water for evaporation from wet/dry filters.

Water changes - I sell triple pre-filtered laboratory grade Kold Ster-il water.

Water testing -- pH, Alkalinity (hardness), Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, Phosphates, Chlorine, Calcium, Electrical Current, and Temperature.

Two Week & Four Week appointments ONLY! -- General cleaning of equipment and tank decorations.

Service inspections -- General inspection of equipment and creatures.

Emergency Service -- 24 hour local availability for the late-night problems. Cell Phone/Emergency service number for service customers only.  Emergency labor billable as an additional $80.00 per hour charge plus Drive time.

Maintenance Rates -- My contracted rates are $65.00 per hour, per person (Two maintenance technicians are billed at $130.00 per hour) plus driving time, supplies, water, sales tax and parking fees. Payments are to be expected at time of service unless other arrangements have been made. Call for a quote today !!